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eCommerce Services 

The Internet is the most cost effective sales tool ever invented.  Visitors come to your web site searching for information about your product or service.  Providing an easy way for them to purchase online is essential to your success.

Annexa has the experience and the tools to build your e-commerce solution.  Our e-commerce solutions will support any number of items.  We'll help you include pictures and descriptions to display and inform your visitors, and secure the sale. 

Process credit cards online, using our secure gateway service, for fastest payment with less paper work.  Annexa will design your web site to process credit cards on our secure gateway. You will receive only orders that are accepted by your bank, saving paper work and reducing fraudulent orders. 

Take orders by secure mail and save.  Annexa will design your web site to send you orders via e-mail from our secure servers.  You process these orders off-line with your standard merchant credit card system and send the product to the customer.  This provides security for the customer while avoiding monthly gateway service fees. 

Take advantage of our knowledge of the industry to determine the best method for your budget and your needs.  There are many different e-commerce systems and processes available.  We can help you find the right fit for your needs.

If you would like more information about Merchant Bank Accounts and Secure Gateway Services, contact us for all the details.