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New Server

Higher service levels / less downtime

February 2008 has installed a new server in the Time Warner Collocation (TWT) facility here in Rochester, NY.  The new machine is more powerful and will provide our clients with faster content delivery and more customizable features.  We have collocated several servers in the TWT facility since 2006 and are extremely satisfied with the service.  Our experience has been exceptional in terms of high availability and reliability.

Going forward this means that our clients will experience a higher level of service without the vagaries inherent with leasing services from 3rd parties.  You will receive the same level of personal service has always provided.  We hope you will recommend our services to your friends and associates.


David Burleigh

New System Software

The new webserver uses state of the art DirectAdmin Control Panels, CentOS5, apache2 and PHP5.  We think you will like the new control panel and on-line help system.  Check out the DirectAdmin Demo to see the level of functionality and control that is available with this new system. 

Click for Live Demo (Login demo_user, Password demo)

Of special note to all customers is the backup function.  DirectAdmin includes a sophisticated backup mechanism you can use to insure your data is safe.  The normal backup includes your entire website, email, email addresses, email forwards and any databases you may have.  We strongly encourage you to take advantage of this function. 

We do backup all clients websites at least once a month.  However, it is best if you take responsibility for your own data.  Especially true if you have frequently changing database content or large numbers of employee / member email accounts.

DirectAdmin on-line help is at your disposal to answer questions 24/7. Extensive support, from a large community of users, is also available on the DirectAdmin Forum.  We are only a phone call away for any help you may need as well.  We appreciate your continued support and look forward to any comments you may wish to share.


David Burleigh